Challenge Fund

Corra have now opened applications to their Challenge Fund. There are two categories for the funding as detailed below. If¬†anyone wishes to apply for these funds please contact ¬†–

Getting Read for Change: Up to £35,000


The ‚ÄúGetting Ready for Change‚ÄĚ category will enable local areas a small pot of funding which will support the reflection and review of their current operating systems. For example, this could mean mapping their systems, identifying blocks in the system, or areas of the system which are not functioning well for people who use their services.¬† This could mean funding for external consultancy, or salaries for staffing to undertake mapping, review or system re-design work.¬† This funding can be used to implement small scale changes, if that is what local areas need.


Applications which are successful in obtaining funding under the ‚Äėgetting ready for change‚Äô category will be able to apply for ‚Äėimplementing change‚Äô funding in 2019/20. This means consortia could apply for ¬£35,000 in 2018/19 to analyse need, then for a larger under amount ‚Äėimplementing change‚Äô to implement resulting recommendations in 2019/20.


Implementing Change: £35,000 Р£150,000


Support for Change is funding to test ideas that are ready for implementation. To apply under this category, applicants will be expected to demonstrate significant evidence of work already undertaken to identify the need for change ‚Äď for example a recent service review or a clear plan based in improvement methodology.


‚ÄėImplementing Change‚Äô funding can be used to deliver the required changes to systems and ways of working evidenced by prior service reviews or needs analysis. This could be, for example ‚Äď the development or reshaping of a service, restructuring of staffing, workforce development costs to upskill or re-train staff.