Scotland’s strategy to improve health by preventing and reducing alcohol and drug use, harm and related deaths.

Rights, respect and recovery: alcohol and drug treatment strategy - (

Scotland Government’s updated framework setting out national prevention aims on alcohol related harms.

Alcohol Framework 2018 - (

Fife ADP has developed its three-year strategy in line with the national strategy Rights Respect and Recovery. The strategy was developed by the ADP Coordinator in partnership with people with lived experience, service providers, stakeholders and the ADP Chair and Committee Members. An annual delivery plan is used to monitor progress against the strategic aims contained within the plan.

ADP Strategy 2020 – 2023

The Drug and Alcohol Information System (DAISy) is a national database developed to collect drug and alcohol referral, waiting times and outcome information from staff delivering specialist drug and alcohol interventions.

The objectives of developing a single system are to enhance the quality and completeness of the data available on treatment for problematic drug and alcohol use while providing a more user friendly means of data entry required by staff working in ADPs and specialist treatment services.

DAISy gathers key demographic and outcome data on people who engage with drug/alcohol treatment services. It enables a better understanding of the impact of drug/alcohol treatment services at both a local and national level and consequently will:

  • inform national policy and practice development;
  • provide timely information to support local service delivery, improvement and planning

Service User Information Leaflet